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Pavement Pigeons, concrete and copper, 2006 .

Cheadle's concrete 'Pavement Pigeons' are distributed all over the town and originated with a brief to encourage visiters to the Staffordshire Market Town. I had to make something robust enough to last outside for 5 years, and it mustn't need planning permission as there wasn't time before the end of the financial year. I'm quite proud of this project, and it's still there there in 2015, surviving all sorts of heavy goods and weather, but I did find it very frustrating at the time with the local press who decided it might trip someone and never let any facts get in their way of repeating it - it's actually designed to have less texture than the national standard indication of pedestrial crossings!

Copper and concrete are historical local materials, and the pigeons represent the popular local sport

Further Work

Often looking through sketching and observation, and the recording of a 3D world with 2D materials. I enjoy both the spectacle and the politics, such as 'St. Pauls Cathederal', and the two Cold War bombers 'Mau Mau' and prize winning 'Boy Toy'.

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