pencil sketchbook
Mau Mau, Pencil, 2005 .

This drawing was my introduction to the RAF museum in Cosford. The famous 'Haunted Bomber' is often discribed loosely as a Lancaster, but is actually a development of that famous plane. Called a Lincoln, it was designed for a protracted long range war against Japan that never happened. However it was used as part of the post war British dealings with unrest in the Empire, and was used as a 'big stick' in the almost forgotten Kenyan 'Mau Mau' rebelion in the 1950's. I see parallels as today's air superiority weapons are actually used against quite low tech targets.Purchased for the RAF museum archive.

Further Work

Often looking through sketching and observation, and the recording of a 3D world with 2D materials. I enjoy both the spectacle and the politics, such as 'St. Pauls Cathederal', and the two Cold War bombers 'Mau Mau' and prize winning 'Boy Toy'.

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