pencil portrait
'Boy Toy', drawing, 2002.

Drawn in the maintenance hanger when a then new organisation was beginning the seemingly impossible task of a civilian group flying a ex RAF four engined cold war Vulcan bomber. I was impressed with their ambition, in awe of the distinctive delta shape I remembered well from my childhood as crawled incredibly slowly (it seemed) but noisily in circuits from Leeming airfield. They actually achieved it so I do hope, after the recent accidents, that 2015 is XH558's final and safe graceful swansong.

This drawing was completed with the help of 'The Guild of Aviation Artists' ("....he's drawing on wallpaper!!") and won 'The Four Counties Open' in Hanley in the same year

Further Work

Often looking through sketching and observation, and the recording of a 3D world with 2D materials. I enjoy both the spectacle and the politics, such as 'St. Pauls Cathederal', and the two Cold War bombers 'Mau Mau' and prize winning 'Boy Toy'.

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