pencil portrait
'From Arsehole to Breakfast Time', Pencil, 2012 .

The rather charming title was straight from the model for this drawing; as I discovered through this drawing that his operation scars started at his throat and ran almost completely through this man, who proudly posed, keeps up his Karate and Cricket and still remains in work as a carer for others. The drawing was completed in one sitting, the day before its planned exhibition. The name did result in a couple of phone calls with curator and model as to whether we could all get away with the title (we did!).

Further Work

Often looking through sketching and observation, and the recording of a 3D world with 2D materials. I enjoy both the spectacle and the politics, such as 'St. Pauls Cathederal', and the two Cold War bombers 'Mau Mau' and prize winning 'Boy Toy'.

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